Pep Guardiola Said He’d Given His Life To Bayern Munich Over Previous 3 Years

Pep Guardiola said he’d given his life to Bayern Munich over the previous three years and refused to accept the inability to provide the Champions League meant he’d failed in his assignment to the German team. Nevertheless, Benfica showed their fighting qualities to limit Pep Guardiola’s side to only any one particular goal and, buoyed by the accomplishment of their compatriots Porto in defeating Bayern 3-1 in Portugal last season, will be convinced of pulling off a shock by reaching the semifinals for the very first time since 1990. They defend quite high up the field and are quite competitive and tight, making it difficult to pass the ball through. But we’ll attempt to win the match because that’s the Bayern attitude. A draw would do for Guardiola’s guys while Benfica will be compelled to come out of their defensive shell to assault them, which might play into the German teams hands. I don’t have any doubt about it. Benfica’s hopes could be dented by the lack of two of their assaulting abilities. On the other hand, the hosts permitted Monchengladbach to recover the initiative and there were even some whistles from the home crowd as Bayern’s defensemen at one point passed the ball among themselves. The Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummels has submitted an official request to join Bayern Munich next season, with discussions over a transport fee now anticipated to be finalised. This week Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the Bayern chairman, revealed that talks with Hummels had already started over a summer move. A statement from Dortmund on Thursday affirmed that the Germany international, 27, had signaled his intent to depart the Westfalenstadion, although there still is apparently a stumbling block over his cost.

Bayern threw themselves into the strike without offering much of a risk in the closing minutes, while Monchengladbach held on to stop a run of four consecutive away defeats and move above Hertha Berlin on the table. For the third season in sequence, Guardiola lost at the semi-final phase of Europes top-notch contest on this occasion, to Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid. Bayern won 2-1 on the night but it wasn’t enough to prevent an away goals leave and Simeone paid tribute to them as the greatest team he’d ever confronted. It was my intention to realize this, Guardiola, who’ll join Manchester City in the summer, said. At Barcelona, everyone asked me this question and it’s been the same thing here. We’ve tried our best but it hasn’t worked out. In relation to my interval here, its up to you what you need to believe. I believe I’ve helped the players here. I’m quite satisfied with the performances. Perhaps it wasn’t enough but ultimately, I’m satisfied with everything that’s occurred here. Everything is great. I’ve done my best. The players understand that. and that’s that! Bayern scored early and threatened to steamroller Benfica. But the Portuguese giants grew into the match, held firm, and are right in this tie at the halfway point. Actually, they passed up a few excellent opportunities to catch a precious away goal, but they’ll be happy enough to have restricted Bayern to their one-goal house success. The house fans aren’t as content, however, and you get the feeling they won’t be that sad to see the back off Pep Guardiola. The second leg in Lisbon guarantees to be a cracker. Defenseman Mats Hummels of Borussia Dortmund has conveyed his desire to leave the team in the summer and needs to join the league opponents Bayern Munich next season, read the statement on the team’s official site. Borussia Dortmund’s board has later determined to make this type of change depending on whether Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund can agree on a reasonable fee. Up to now, Bayern Munich hasn’t made an offer. agen bola online

The news will come as a shock to a host of teams who’d needed to sign Hummels, including Manchester United. Perhaps we played not so good at other times. I’m quite proud. It was a real honour to train these players. I’ve truly loved it here and I’m certain the future at Bayern Munich is perfect for these players. Titles are only numbers, figures, he said. I needed to accomplish the Champions League final here and I didn’t realize it but it doesn’t alter my view about the manner I’ve performed. Yes, we’re miserable now and we need to visit Ingolstadt [on Saturday] to procure the Bundesliga title. It was especially so in the first half, Simeone said. It was amazing how they played. It was amazing to see such intensity. I was literally in love with this match. But we soaked up the pressure and we won the match. We made do with the pressure they put on us. It’s simply amazing what we’ve attained. We’ve defeated two of the most powerful teams in Europe first Barcelona in the quarterfinal and now Bayern. Vidal had most of the opportunities for the remaining portion of the match, with Benfica’s defensemen doing good to stifle Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Miller, Bayern’s top-scoring forwards. Lewandowski missed the greatest chance to wrap it up in the 89th minute, with an open goal beckoning. We’d enough goal opportunities. Well go to Lisbon with the aim of winning the match, of scoring a goal or two, Pep Guardiola said after his 150th competitive match responsible for the Bundesliga team. Benfica substitute goalkeeper Anderson made several significant blocks with the captain, Nicols Gain, and Pizzi posting the visitors biggest risk. Occasionally a 1-0 triumph must be enough, the Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer said. We’re going to Lisbon and understand that it’s a close call. Is this the biggest letdown of my profession? No. You’re disappointed when you don’t play nicely. It’s a Champions League semifinal. Borussia Monchengladbach busted up Bayern Munich’s celebration when they struck back for a 1-1 draw on Saturday, pushing the Bavarians to wait at least another week to clinch a fourth consecutive Bundesliga title.

Bayern is offering to reach their fifth successive semi-final while Benfica, the Portuguese league leaders, are expecting to reach their first since 1990. Vidal scored with Bayern’s first foray forward. The Spanish fullback picked out Vidal in the middle with a precise cross. it’s not pleasant, it wasn’t our strategy, the Benfica trainer, Rui Vitoria, said on granting so early. But we came with a strategy and the players kept it stretched. It could have knocked us off our pace but we responded very well. Bayern kept assaulting, with Douglas Costa examining Anderson from the right. Anderson was playing in place of the first-choice goalkeeper Julio Csar, who was outside with a groyne harm. Bayern was controlling possession with Benfica living on fights. Pizzi and Gaitan joined for a well-worked free kick before the ball was deflected out for a corner. Atletico were quite defensive. We played to win and we did that. We could have scored three or four tonight. My thought is to attack and go forward. The most significant idea is this team has a great future, with great players and a great attitude. I simply want the best for the future at this team and I expect Carlo Ancelotti [the incoming manager] can keep the exact same amount going. Vidal went close with another header before Benfica completed the half strongly with Vidal making an important block to refuse a ferocious strike from Gain. Victor Lindelof made a vital interception on Lewandowski at the start of the second half, before Benfica restarted getting back in amounts and closing down space. Jonas shot an excellent chance overly close to the underworked Bayern goalkeeper before Bernat drew his shot wide at the other end. Lahm, Javi Martnez, and Alcantara subsequently scrambled back to refuse Jonas an equaliser.

Leicester City Will Be Officially Presented With The Premier League Prize

Last fall I got chatting to a guy in a waiting area at a local Bupa hospital. He’d lately arrived in Leicester from Rome and was interested in understanding locations to see in and around the city. I suggested he take the open-top bus tour of Leicester which I ‘d found quite useful when buddies from abroad had visited. He made a note of it and said he’d. The trainer, taking some of the teams first-team squad and owners, sounded its horn as it was pursued by throngs of flag-waving supporters. It subsequently ceased and a team official beckoned Lee Chapman, a postman who has located sudden popularity as a doppelganger of Vardy, his favourite player. I’ve not slept. I’m still assumed to be at work now, he said. Chapman, a lifelong Leicester enthusiast who at 29 and 5ft 10in is the same age and height as Vardy, was talent seen as a lookalike outside the team’s arena eight months past. Since then he’s been snapped up by a Channel 4 documentary, appeared on Skys Soccer AM and, naturally, taken thousands of selfies with devotees. Gladys was the first season ticket holder until she reluctantly gave it up two years ago because of ill health. But she’ll be at the match on Saturday as Worthy presents the silverware to Leicesters towering captain, Wes Morgan. But the 22m team has outshone opponents with constellations of stars costing 10 times as much. Next season, with Champions League soccer, ensured, the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich could be seeing the King Power. It’s a proud moment for the east Midlands as a whole, not only for Leicester, Worthy said, as he reeled off the city’s formerly best-known abilities: Kasabian. And, er, whatshisname Engelbert Humperdinck. Showaddywaddy. David Attenborough. But apart from this, nothing else.

leicester 1

Don’t believe a word of it. The part of the story that’s right is that the Foxes success, at odds that began the season at 5,000-1, ensured a loss for most bookmakers on the narrow marketplace in calling the outright winner of the Premier League. William Hill, by way of example, is paying out 3m for a net loss of 2.2m. But notice just how narrow that marketplace is. Wagering, for most punters, is a game of immediate gratification, and a total Premier League season, running 38 matches and continuing nine months, seldom brings out big money. William Hill took less than 1m in stakes and would expect to see more action in Premier League matches on any given weekend. So Leicesters achievement and larger clubs failures were outstanding news for the bookies on most of the 36 weekends up to now. Chelsea’s awful early-season form was a present because too many winning favourites, particularly when part of accumulator stakes are what the bookies actually dread. The bottom line is that it’s been an outstanding football season for those establishing the likelihood. Just don’t expect the bookies to say thus crying about losses is great advertising. Moreover, every diehard devotee of a long-likelihood team will now need a just in case flutter. Since that time, he’s been recruited for a Channel 4 documentary, appeared on Skys Soccer AM and shot thousands of selfies with devotees. I’m not even a confident lad. I’m a Leicester produced, Leicester lifted, Leicester enthusiast, he said.

The matter that pleasant about it the most is five, 10 years past, I’d walk around the center of Leicester and see Chelsea tops, Liverpool tops, and Man United tops, and I used to believe unless you’re from those areas why are you not supporting Leicester? This is gonna be great because there’ll be so many children [who] will be Leicester supporters due to this season. It can only mean great things for the future. The hangovers may be long, but the memories Won’t ever ebb. Leicester was transformed into a sea of blue on Tuesday as thousands of supporters scaled statues, danced in the road and revelled in the fairytale accomplishment of their underdog heroes. In pictures anticipated to continue well beyond Saturday, when Leicester City will be officially presented with the Premier League prize, supporters mobbed the team’s trainer as it made its way across the east Midlands city. But now I’m an old man, I can observe. The nightclub store ran out of replica tops by lunchtime as hundreds of supporters descended on the arena to carry on the celebration. His 12-year old son Leicester Hurst named after the team wasn’t let a day off school, but will be with his father of Saturdays parties. It’s a modern banking rarity, at least for HSBC: a quarter with no single price for what the industry euphemistically calls heritage problems. Investors cannot relax, yet. First, the US Department for Justices monitor is still prowling the premises and, at the last time of asking several months past, didn’t seem impressed by the banks improvement in passing systems to fight financial crime. Second, the other heritage of the banking crisis is a significantly different capital and trading climate; HSBCs present progressive meaning upwards only dividend policy may become an unaffordable extravagance.

For the time being, HSBC can point out the year continues to be young. We want a pretty major downward pressure on our gains or a major up pressure on our regulatory capital requirements to impact our ability to fulfill our dividend obligation, claimed finance manager Iain Mackay. Two games in and the relegation forecasts are already looking precarious. Ranieri’s side plays torsos-out football at Upton Park, full of coherence and belief. We surprised West Ham. Then I saw my players endure and fight jointly. However , I need to keep a low profile. We can’t believe we’re top of the league. We’ve six points, that’s all that’s important. It wasn’t only soccer fans revelling in the second. Liz Gray, 58, cycled to the arena because she felt enthused by the history-making title success and its effect on the city. I’m not a football fan at all but this has actually inspired me, she said. It’s fantastic for folks to have common occasions. I’ve been caught up in it. The trainer sounded its horn as it was pursued by flag-waving supporters. It’ll be a huge, huge, huge bash likely even larger than Jamie Vardy celebration, said the youthful deputy mayor, Rory Palmer, on Tuesday. The city’s never saw anything in this way. The impulsive things last night gives us an indicator of how large it’s going to be perhaps the largest celebration in Leicesters history. I found out afterwards that he was Claudio Ranieri, Leicester Citys manager. I think he’ll be taking an open-top bus tour of the city now. Adding my congratulations to the remaining world’s adulation nicely done, Foxes! Well done, Claudio!.He said he spends long hours attempting to comprehend the chances of the technology and had seen US programmes to observe their trials at first hand. But investors didn’t need to discuss the insurance consequences. That seems a fair evaluation of a fund management business where the long term can mean next year. Perhaps the present outbreak of seminars on the topic will focus heads, but the truth is likely that nobody can make a trusted figure. Volvo estimates an 80% drop in car crashes by 2035, which seems positive, but may be possible. If it occurs, it’s presumably mean a steep drop in premiums and a considerably smaller insurance industry.

For what its value, the chief executive took the view that if autos still have a steering wheel, I believe nicely still have a company. That’s reassuring for investors up to a point but barely narrows the range of potential results. The team bus, with Chapman on board, made its way to the upmarket San Carlo eatery in Leicester city centre, where hundreds of supporters assembled as news of their imminent arrival propagate. Outside the restaurant, nine-year-old Louis Goodge weaved through the crowds for a glance of his heroes. Louis has only just begun watching football this season. It’s inspiring, the fact that anyone, not only large teams, can do it, said Ellie, as her son broadcast. Worthy, a part-time happy hardcore DJ and season ticket holder, won a special contest organised by patrons Barclays. The family and friends were all about.

Knocked Out Atletico At The Quarter Final Stage Last Season

Diego Simeone has won everything at Atletico Madrid during four-and-a-half thrilling years apart from the largest prize of them all. The teams magnetic manager was minutes from taking the Champions League in 2014 just to lose out in extra time to Real Madrid. The anguish of that night and Sergio Ramos 93rd-minute equaliser for Real has remained with him. Now, redemption beckons and, perhaps, a measure of retaliation. That’s what it said on Saturday, anyhow. German El Mono Burgos, vocalist, guitarist, and assistant trainer, was there because Diego El Cholo Simeone wasn’t. Prohibited for three matches after a ball boy attempted to break up a Mega strike, his name wasn’t on that convenient list but he was in the directors box also, in front of the musician and Alti enthusiast Pancho Varona. He didn’t much like what he saw from there; likely didn’t much like what he heard either. Third-placed Real Madrid had fought but they’d just gone top with a 1-0 success against Real Sociedad in the 4pm kick off, fixed with Gareth Bales ninth header of the season in the 80th minute. First-put Barcelona was confronting Real Betis at 8.30pm, where they’d fight too but where goals from Ivan Rakitic and Luis Suarez would give them a 2-0 triumph. Between them, in the 6.15 kickoff, second-set Atletico understood that a triumph meant fighting another week, keeping them neck and neck in this five-match sprint that had started 10 days before, while a defeat or a draw meant The Ending.

Now Franck coached with us and he’s here with us, Guardiola said. He’s an alternative for us which is really great. Guardiola, whose Bayern have stumbled at the semi-final period in the previous two seasons against Spanish teams, needs to leave after three seasons in charge with the Champions League prize that is eluding him in Munich. It’s the third semifinal in a row for us. It’s a real honour, he said. We want our finest operation to reach the closing. We should never think about how many goals we’ve got to score, first, we must defend well and command the match. It’s hard to play against Atletico. They remain quite tight. We’ll attempt to assault with the entire team , not give away any counterattacks, he said. Torress pass sent Griezmann to clean through and, having been given the advantage of the offside uncertainty from the assistant referee, he concluded nervelessly past Neuer. It was never in doubt. The pressure bubbled. Simeone went through his demented air traffic controller routine on the touchline and, at one period in the first half, as bad words broke out between the seats, he had to be quieted by the Bayern winger Franck Ribery. Oblak, however, saved brilliantly from Muller before he repelled Alonso’s rebound. A defeat or draw seemed increasingly potential, also. Where he played a crucial part.

As the second half started matters weren’t enhancing; the goal wasn’t arriving and didn’t actually look like coming either. Fresh? They seemed flat. There was time, certainly, but the clock ticked and Atletico hadn’t yet taken a shot. Rayo, on the other hand, had and one they likely should have scored from, Javi Guerra hitting right at Jan Oblak. The impetus was going Rayos manner, the home supporters were very quiet, nervous, and from way up there Simeone couldn’t choreograph the Calderon. Gabi had worked Neuer in the 15th minute but it’s Bayern who created the majority of the first half openings. There was no great surprise to the routine of play at the time. Bayern looked to inflict themselves in an attacking sense while there were times when Atletico’s midfielders were practically on the toes on their defensemen. Simeone Won’t let any space between the lines. The success was constructed around Antoine Friedman’s 31st goal of the season a breakaway finish early in the second half But underpinned by the brand hustle and team effort. If Real can defeat Manchester City in the other semifinal on Wednesday night, Simeone will scent the chance to to even the score. It was Actual that also knocked out Atletico at the quarter-final stage last season.

The distress belonged to Pep Guardiola and Bayern Munich. For the third season in three, the serial prize accumulator was refused by a Spanish team in the Champions League semifinal. This was to be the contest that defined Guardiola’s Bayern heritage before he moves to City in the summer. Instead, with Thomas Miller screwing up a penalty for 2-0 on the night, there was just more frustration and heartache. Guardiola is in just his seventh season as a supervisor but he entered this tie having won 19 of the 30 contests he’d entered. Another Bundesliga title seems insured while Bayern will challenge the national cup final against Borussia Dortmund on 21 May. This, nevertheless, was the one he needed. Bayern lost to Real Madrid at exactly the same period two years ago and Barcelona last year. Clearly this match is significant but it was equally significant against Real and Barcelona, Guardiola, who’ll join Manchester City next season. But this is a fresh year and a brand new chance for us. Simeone sat in the spot, with Diego Godin to the left of him and Pablo Vercellone. Vercellone is the goalkeeper trainer and he was wearing an earpiece with a mic attached to it; manner down below them, sitting on the seat, Gabi was wearing one just the same. As the match went on, every now and then the captain turned trainer and Gabi would get up and yell directions to his teammates from the border of the pitch. Mainly, though, he appeared to be carrying them from the seat or to Burgos. The rules say a suspended coach isn’t permitted to give directions, by any means, to those taking part in the match; whether what went on counts is debatable, as any directions are surely not directly given and also impossible to establish; whether the crucial selection came from the area is too. The team manager Clemente Villaverde insisted that Simeone hadn’t been communicating with anyone.

We’ve shown we can assault in addition to defending nicely. We played with Alaba and Kimmich as central defenders in the previous two-three months and we were really solid and surrendered quite a few goals. The house fans rediscovered their voices. This was the theater on the grandest scale. Bayern was horrified. Torres had the opportunity to stop it from 12 yards but his penalty was poor. Neuer saved. Bayern had a lifeline but they couldn’t get it. A meeting of arguably Europes finest teams basically boiled down to whether Guardiola and Bayern could decipher the Simeone code. It’s vexed nearly everybody this season and Atletico defensive amounts have believed as though they must be daubed in real 16 goals surrendered in 36 La Liga matches and, before this, five in 11 Champions League ties. Jan Oblak came to Bavaria with 31 clean sheets across the two contests. But the full-time whistle was the prompt for rapturous scenes. Including, this weekend, the choice that may have altered their destiny. He was broken only after the half hour. The Bayern pressure was mounting but it took a deflected free kick from a central location on the border of the penalty area to even matters up on aggregate. But it didn’t do its job, with Alonso’s low shot deflecting off Jos Mara Gimenez to wrong-foot Oblak.